Welcome to The Wyld Collective arriving in 2024 – “A Wyld one allows the Wild in”

The Wyld Collective is based here on our Dartmoor farm which snuggles itself into a hidden valley on the edge of the moor. As a family we have sought to make our lives and the farm we live on far more sustainable & have begun the process of regenerating the farm. Examples of this are:

Harvesting rainwater. Having our own Bore hole as a natural water source. Planting 2500 trees. Aiding soil health by making our own compost, compost tea & compost loo. Saying no to pesticides. Growing our own flowers.

During the pandemic, our family created a kitchen garden so we could become more self-sufficient and grow food we would’ve previously bought from a supermarket. The joy of growing something from a seed gave us a huge amount of satisfaction and spending more time outdoors was wonderful for the soul. We all recognised how much we benefitted from the garden and how it influenced us, not just from what we could cook, but how positive it was for our headspace.

As an artist, I thrive when I’m in a creative environment, but after a tough few years and a visit from an unexpected black dog, I felt the need to return more to the land. Thankfully the opportunity arose where I could develop our Flower Farm onsite. The flower farm sits at the bottom of the valley, next to a stream and where a polytunnel and outside beds create the most magical environment. Working with it & becoming a grower has already had such a huge effect on my own emotional health but I also want to create an environment where I can provide that for others too.

In 2024 I hope to bring all the things that give me joy together. A place where my growing journey of having a small-scale flower farm along with Art, Craft, Well-Being and Workshops will hopefully grow and flourish just like my flowers. We’re in the process of putting together a seasonal calendar and building a unique bougie Tiny Home, a secret wooden cabin for two with a log-burner so that you can come and stay. This is in addition to our beautiful Mill Cottage, which was restored from the old Shippon building where my studio also sits in the eaves of the old Granary.

The growing has started, as my blooms are currently overwintering in the polytunnel. My dried blooms will feature in a Monthly dried bloom Menu and each month will include a positive “What to love & how to look after yourself this Month”. It’s really important to ensure there’s a nod to positive mental health. Flowers are often a way of being able to check in with people. They are a kind gesture, a caring thought, a point of contact for when words fail.

So keep your eyes peeled…

I’m looking forward to sharing this new venture with you & can’t wait to get started. Much love, Sarah x