Every item that I make begins with a hand drawn design. It’s often something I’ve seen within the hedgerows, or have discovered on a walk. Often it’s the seasonality and change you witness as the year stretches out. Making that first sketch then helps inform what I’m going to make. How can I create something that sends a little positivity out into the world? My indie business always begins with a pencil in hand and a very old battered sketchbook. A lot of the time I forage for items, feathers, eggshells, dried blooms, stones, little ‘treasures’ which fill up my pockets (and fyi, are not good for the washing machine!) I then use these items to inspire my creations.

During the lockdown of 2021, I moved into my new studio, the home of joyful makes. It’s been converted from our farm’s old Granary and it was important that this move was a positive sustainable way of moving the business out of the family home.

It uses renewable energy to source the electricity through solar panels and manages waste by filtering through a reed bed. Being able to move the business out of the family home has felt like a huge achievement and I’m so thankful to you. The home of joyful makes now offers workshops within art, craft and flowers.