Every item that I make begins with a hand drawn design. It’s often something I’ve seen within the hedgerows, or have discovered on a walk. Often it’s the seasonality and change you witness as the year stretches out. Making that first sketch then helps inform what I’m going to make. How can I create something that sends a little positivity out into the world? My indie business always begins with a pencil in hand and a very old battered sketchbook. A lot of the time I forage for items, feathers, eggshells, dried blooms, stones, little ‘treasures’ which fill up my pockets (and fyi, are not good for the washing machine!) I then use these items to inspire my creations.

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Within my small business I constantly make big lists of things I want to achieve… and slowly but surely I’m ticking them off the list. Here’s what I’ve been able to tackle so far:

Mounts – I don’t sell my prints with mounts. This saves wastage. 

Pricing- Because I don’t use mounts (which used to be one of my biggest costs) it means I’ve been able to reduce the overall price of my prints for my customers. 

Size – I print all of my work ‘in-house’ which means I can print to order and can now offer any print in A4 and A3 size. Again, this means that I can control what I’m storing & reduce wastage.

Sustainable Packaging – I don’t use plastic. EVERYTHING is wrapped in hand drawn eco tissue and prints are posted with cardboard backing.

Farm grown – within my recycled packaging I use farm grown flowers and seed-heads to decorate. These beautiful flowers have been grown here on the farm by Jenny from Bridgeside Blooms, who is helping us learn more about permaculture and it’s principles.

Materials – All of my makes are recyclable.

My homewares and seasonal decorations are made from FSC sustainably forested wood and each piece has been product tested to ensure safety.

Each piece comes in recycled packaging and hand drawn eco tissue.

During the lockdown of 2021, I moved into my new studio. It’s been converted from our farm’s old Granary and it was important that this move was a positive sustainable way of moving the business out of the family home.

It uses renewable energy to source the electricity through solar panels and manages waste by filtering through a reed bed. Being able to move the business out of the family home has felt like a huge achievement and I’m so thankful to you.