Sarah Smith

Thank you for visiting. I’m Sarah. I’m mostly made up of tea, big hair and wellies.

Living on a farm with my family, I look after a menagerie of beasts – our beautiful herd of Devon red ruby cattle, sheep, & chickens…

I am a self taught artist.

My art journey began in 2017 when I injured my back.

Nothing spectacular to warrant the injury – no snowboarding mishap, no ‘tractor incident’, no Prosecco infused fall….my injury came from a sneeze! Thank you! (takes a bow). With one sneeze I prolapsed the discs in my lower spine and looking back on it, 2017 is a bit of a blur. Undergoing spinal surgery in 2017, I took up painting as a means to help my recovery at the beginning of 2018. At first, my art was my little haven, for me, my support, my place to rest and create. But before long, I began making work that others wanted in their homes…and that’s when I turned my little recovery into a big dream.

I create colourful contemporary and traditional countryside art.

Thanks for visiting, Sarah x

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My work has a contemporary country feel, with bright colours, angled brushstrokes & a sense of fun.

I showcase work for the National Trust, exhibit at artisan markets, solo shows & have started to develop art workshops here on the farm, with the belief that if I can do it, anyone can.

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