Sarah Smith

Thank you for visiting. I’m Sarah. I’m mostly made up of tea, big hair, even bigger earrings, a love of jazz, shoes (though I spend A LOT of time in my wellies) and cushions…I have a serious cushion addiction.  I also look after a MENAGERIE of beasts here on the farm – our beautiful herd of Devon red ruby cattle, sheep, chickens & two very old but seriously cute dogs, Holly & Scruff…I also have a husband and two children….they’re cute too….sometimes….though I think I’ve broken the Blue Peter rule of never work with children and animals….

I am a self taught artist.

My art journey began in 2017 when I injured my back.

Nothing spectacular to warrant the injury – no snowboarding mishap, no ‘tractor incident’, no Prosecco infused fall….my injury came from a sneeze! Thank you! (takes a bow). With one sneeze I prolapsed the discs in my lower spine. Undergoing spinal surgery in 2017, bed rest forced me to think more creatively and I discovered a newfound love of painting. Little did I know in those early days, that a business would grow and that a self-taught artist would emerge with a menagerie of work! Yes, the early days were awful, BUT the bedrest days after surgery created an opportunity for me to fall in love with painting as a means to recover.

As a result I created my own painted menagerie & have just celebrated a year in business with my original work, prints & cards.

My work has a contemporary country feel, with bright colours, angled brushstrokes & a sense of fun.

I showcase work for the National Trust, exhibit at artisan markets, solo shows & have started to develop art workshops here on the farm, with the belief that if I can do it, anyone can.