So this is a bit exciting! My Summer collection has trotted into town (it’s a village) & I couldn’t be happier than to show you the bright colourful sights of the fairground.

When I was little, the fairground coming to town (it’s a village) was one of the most exciting times of the year. The smell of sugar from the candy floss, the lights whizzing round the dodgems and the moment a quiet place turned into a loud buzzing showground.

So…the new collection keeps that very memory alive but does so with a nod to positive mental health. When I was struggling a little recently a friend said to me “just try to enjoy the ride” and that combined with the discovery of an old musical carousel from my childhood cemented the decision to make this more than just bright colours. We all know how important looking after ourselves is, but this collection is a reminder to “hold on tight”. I hope you enjoy looking at the collection. It was made with lots of dancing between farm jobs!