The fantastic Holly & Co have launched the #CampaignShopIndependent and I for one am TOOTING MY TRACTOR to shout about supporting ALL THINGS INDEPENDENT.
My ART BUSINESS is as down to earth as you can get. I work and play in wellies for goodness sake… BUT despite living a rural life and running what can feel like a small business from the moon, I FEEL SUPPORTED BY YOU!
This is not about tooting my own horn (although I sort of am?!) It’s about tooting ALL the independent horns!
I began my business three years ago, lying flat on my back after spinal surgery. With one small paint set, I created a painting and it changed my life. I made a website, wrote newsletters, started art workshops from my kitchen table. I began to talk to young women at local colleges about what I call “Living a wibbly wobbly life” – ie, your life isn’t linear, it will journey on its own course & by being open to the ‘wibbly and wobbly’, you will uncover jewels about yourself you didn’t even know existed.
Two years later, I moved into a new studio, launched a new range of positive prints AND self-published a book that I’ve written and illustrated.
All of this has happened because of YOUR SUPPORT which fuels the belief I have in myself.
I am SO thankful for every single little order that comes my way, because it’s a way of you communicating that you SEE ME AND MY WORK. I am championing consumer behaviour to recognise that by supporting independent businesses, you are getting more than a QUICK CLICK. You are getting time, energy, creativity, commitment, originality, tenacity and the passion to keep going, even when life feels like your sock is halfway down that wellie.
So ‘TOOT TOOT’ to all you independents …please #CampaignShopIndependent
Shop small, vote with your money THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT and sending much love from the moon.
Sarah x