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A love letter to Molly.

Inspired by the life of Molly Englehart who sadly I never got to meet. Molly was my great great cousin and born in 1906.

My aunt recounts that Molly was funny, had a twinkle in her eye and had zany humour. She didn’t have children, wore her hair in a rather wild way and had a headband/scarf tied around it (hmmm sounds familiar). Molly qualified for art school but unfortunately it was ‘not what ladies did in those days’. Molly wore trousers, a lot, was on the fringe, rebelled, was good at caricature drawing, fiddled with hair until it had curls and was an eccentric! By all accounts she had a lot of admirers. Molly was good at gardening but not as much as her mother, Aunt Cissie who knew the common name and the Latin name of every plant in her garden.

So, to Molly who never got to become an artist, this is my love letter to you, from little old me who is so fortunate to paint everyday.

Molly, Mary, Nancy, Christine, Laura and Rachel. 7” x 10” original pen and inks, £25 each. The collection will launch on the website.
Thank you for supporting me and my makes, especially at this time. Genuinely, you lovely lot blow my teeny mind. Hope you’re safe and well. All the 💛Sarah x