The Country Living Exhibition is a celebration of the characters found within the hedgerows, the farms, the fields and the skies.

Drawing on the technique of Pen & Ink, these characters are delicate, whimsical and full of personality.


An exhibition inspired by characters from the countryside, Sarah’s work showcases the wild playfulness and energy of wildlife.

This collection puts a spin on portraits by capturing animals up close and personal and in true colour. Sarah’s characteristic brushstrokes add drama and energy into these delightful animals. Working in acrylic on paper and often integrating pastels, her paintings are bold, lively and passionate.


Inspired by the views from her studio, the rolling hills of Dartmoor is certainly inspiration enough.

ARTmoor is a collection of abstract landscapes centred on the landscape of beautiful Dartmoor. Sarah uses charcoal, metallic acrylics for a contemporary finish and centres her colour palette around the natural tones found in the locations she paints from. Taking the colour from the land, the finish explores the wild beauty of the moorland.


Sarah is happy to chat through your requirements for commissions and has produced an array of work. Do get in touch to discuss what she can create for you!

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