Dearest Doris

Original Mixed Media on Board

This was inspired by a few little treasures I discovered. The first was a piece of embroidery I found in a charity shop that had a sweet message on the back by a lady called Doris who had stitched the piece for her friend Ruth. The message relayed how she was inspired by Ruth’s old pink house to create a little stitched pink house on the front and I loved that these two women suddenly came to life and that this handmade gift now sits on my mantlepiece.

I thought of them sharing memories and letter writing to each other, keeping up their correspondence and filling each other in over the years whilst their friendship blossomed. The vases and mugs are my favourite pieces from my kitchen and remind me to take a moment to stop and appreciate what’s going on. I decided to bring this together with the idea that Ruth sits by candlelight crafting a letter to her friend Doris whilst she enjoys her blooms from the garden.


It measures 50cm x 50cm and has a frame depth of 2.4cm. It’s housed in a painted wooden off white frame.

Postage is included in the price.