Springing into view, meet Brown Hare.

I’m a big lover of vintage items, always have been. So I wanted to create a collection that linked two loves. The Countryside and Great British Collector Wildlife Cards. As I walk the fence lines of the farm, I’ve been collecting, foraging and finding seedheads, feathers and natural hedgerow finds to create my new collection.


The ‘Brown Hare’ Great British Wildlife Collector Card comes from an old set of Grandee Collector cards. It sits in a floating glass brass frame measuring 10cm x 15cm.

The frame has 12 foraged items from our farm on Dartmoor.

You will receive a little card which also details the finds that are contained inside. (Examples are, Bishops Lace, Cat Grass, Sailors Tobacco…)*

The frame includes a handwritten note on vintage paper documenting the picture card.

This a Limited ‘Brown Hare’ Edition of 4.


*Please note foraged finds are seasonal and will be written on an A6 card so you know what is contained in the frame. Please don’t open the clasp on the frame once you receive it! The foraged items are floating, sandwiched between the glass.