I don’t know about you but I’m in full scale ‘plant lady’ mode. It happens around this time of year when my priority becomes my plant babies and growing veg and flowers for the patch. I’ve even gone so far as to have a clipboard of everything I’m growing and it ranges from squash, to sweetpeas to some very questionable looking aubergines and hopefully enough sunflowers to add a wallop of yellow. I genuinely love being in my garden and can honestly say that becoming a “plant mother” has had a huge effect on my mental health. My garden is my sanctuary and every day being able to look at what’s ‘popped’ up over night is the most fun I get these days! (I’ve decided I’m a 93 year old trapped in the body of a 40 year old) and that’s ok!

I’m addicted to Gardener’s World – mainly for Monty and his very soothing voice and calm manner. In fact in our house, Monty has been known to send us all to ‘sofa sleep’ – but all in a good way! I’ve loved picking up tips and hints and seem to be adding more seedlings into the mix. You can’t have enough plants though right?!

Watering the plants (otherwise known as taking a glass of wine to the greenhouse) has become a lovely way to spend the end of the day and I’m in awe of how quickly things are beginning to grow. A little heat, a little re-pot here and there and boom….I’ve got every hope for those aubergines!

So…inspired by my plant mother antics, I’ve created some prints inspired by all things green. If you know a fellow plant mother, or perhaps even a plant killer (I’m sure we all know at least one?!) then I’m pretty sure you’ll find something for them in this range.

Here’s to the benefits that gardening can bring to our lives and hope to fill you in soon on what’s been harvested. Fingers crossed for aubergine curry!